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Introducing HotJar

Posted by Matthew Kammerer |29 May 15 |

UX Booth readers know how important it is to use analytics. Analytics can help researchers choose what to usability test, they can show designers what users are responding to, and they can help content strategists measure value. Still, analytics are tricky beasts, and knowing how to read them can feel like a barrier to entry.

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Our Sponsor: Bigstock

Posted by UX Booth |15 Jan 15 |

This week’s sponsor is Bigstock, and they offer stock photography, videos, and vector images for the comps we work with every day.

Dash for Real-Time Dashboards

Posted by Marli Mesibov |07 Jan 15 |

We are brought to you this week by Dash. Dash lets people quickly create real-time, customizable dashboards.