How to Build an App That’s as Addictive as Coffee

Posted by Bobby Emamian |22 Sep 15 |

September 22, 2015

Coffee and running are addictive in their own unique ways. Each provides a buzz that keeps people coming back for more. In kind, Runkeeper and Starbucks don’t just help people feed their addictions; these apps are as habit-forming as the behaviors they supplement.

Due to its goal-based reward system, Runkeeper’s users don’t feel like their run “counts” unless it’s tracked within the app. And due to Starbucks’ loyalty-based reward system, customers feel compelled to purchase with the app because they don’t want to miss out on the rewards and VIP status that come with being a regular customer.

When apps aren’t addictive, users open them one time, explore for a few minutes, and promptly delete them from their devices. Depending on your industry,…read more
By Bobby Emamian